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Prometheus and Gaea


In Anthem eventually Equality will change their name to Prometheus and Liberty will change their name to Gaea.Also Prometheus was a Greek god who was punished for crime. As in Anthem Equality is blamed for a transgression they pursued and a crime so the reference of Prometheus relates to the book. Gaea is a Greek goddess and the mother of the earth and  all gods. Both Prometheus and Gaea relate to Anthem because it portrays the role of a male and female in Greek mythology.

“The Titans.” Greek Mythology Gods Titans. Web. 18 May 2014.


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HIdden Truths 2


In class ,we watched Frozen and I really enjoyed the movie. Just in case you have not seen this Frozen it is about Anna -a fearless optimist, who sets off on an epic journey with Kristoff and his reindeer Sven to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Each time I watch Frozen,discussion topics always are on the top of my mind.One of the questions that are great  for discussion is this one below.

Hans tells everyone the princess is dead. Why does NOBODY go check on the body?

Hans happens to be the prince of the  Southern Isles and on “coronation day” he had an unexpected encounter with Anna. As all princes usually are, Hans seemed genuine and dreamy but his intentions weren’t necessarily charming. Anna and Hans fell in love instantly and they tried to ask for Elsa’s blessing for their marriage. Anna hoped she would say yes but instead Elsa zoned her out and became so angry that she started freezing things with no looking back. With Elsa’s power being revealed she had no choice but to escape. While Anna and Kristoff search for her,Hans had a scheme of Anna’s pretend death in which he persuaded the town that it was Elsa’s fault.When he told them, he was so believable that everyone didn’t think that they needed to check. Considering Hans is a prince,the town wouldn’t expect a loyal figure to lie.Since it was clear that the prince and Anna were in a “relationship” everyone felt sympathetic for the fake death.

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HIdden Truths


As a class, we watched Frozen, a Disney movie about Elsa learning not to let fear take over her and not letting her power control the relationship with her sister,Anna. After a disastrous incident with her powers when they were young,Elsa was forced to stay inside her room and isolate from her sister because she didn’t want to hurt Anna anymore.Eventually she had to let go which cause chaos to the whole town leading to an everlasting winter and she often froze people. Anna was looking for her and while on the way she realized who were truly there for her.This movie introduces the topic of “letting go” and overcoming fear.

Based on my introduction,a discussion question that comes to my mind is:

Why is it that Elsa will not tell Anna about her powers?

When Elsa & Anna were young,Anna actually knew she had powers and she loved it because it brought them together.One night when Elsa “built a snow man” for Anna everything seemed magical but then the impossible happened and it almost took Anna’s life. With help from the trolls,Anna had a spell put on her and she survived. The only thing was that she wouldn’t remember that Elsa had powers. Elsa stayed separated from Anna and Anna didn’t understand why.All she remembers is that they when they were young but then one day she started shutting her out.To answer the question,Elsa didn’t tell her because she didn’t want the incident when they were young to reoccur.

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Round 2 – A Book Talk


I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury a little while ago. In Round 2 my responsibility in the Literature circles was the travel tracker and key passage pointer. As a travel tracker and a key passage pointer, I found some significant settings of action and passages in the story that are great discussion topics.

” Montag looked at these men whose faces were sunburnt by thousand real and ten thousand imaginary fires, whose work flushed their cheeks and fevered their eyes. These men who looked steadily into their platinum igniter flames as they lit their eternally soot-colored brows and and bluish-ash-smeared cheeks where they had shaven close,but their heritage showed. Had he ever seen a fireman that did not have black hair, black brows, a fiery face, and a blue-steel shaved but unshaved look?  These men were all mirror images of himself! Were all fireman picked then for their looks as well as their proclivities?  The color of cinders and ash about them, and the continual burning of their pipes”(Bradbury 33).

” I’ve tried to imagine” said Montag “just how it would feel . I mean to have fireman burn our houses and our books.”We haven’t any books.” “But if we did have some” (Bradbury 33-34).

This text lead to some topics I would like to discuss:

  1. Montag asks: How would it feel to have fireman burn our houses. What does this say about his feelings towards his job as a fireman?
  2. What are some stereotypes of the way fireman look?
  3. How do those stereotypes of fireman in the book compare to the stereotypes we have on fireman in today’s society?
  4. Discuss your opinions on book burning.
  5. How would you feel if someone burnt your house down?
  6. Why do you think Montag wants to feel accepted for his views on books?
  7. Do you think Clarrise had anything to do with Montags new opinions about books and book burning?
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My Spring Break


Entering my homeroom class at 9:15 in the morning the day before spring break wasn’t exactly thrilling, but rather anticipating and boring. Spending a whole 7 hours in school felt like a year because I was imagining the fun and relaxing week I had ahead of me! Traditionally,every spring break I travel to Greensboro to hang with my older sister and I stay with her the entire week. Along with going to Greensboro, I am also going to Wilmington and Raleigh. Personally, this week wasn’t just any normal week, it was a college experience and a time of bonding with my sisters and really having a break from stressful school. I haven’t seen my sisters in a while and I love spending time with my family and I love traveling so this spring break couldn’t have came on a better time. Although I knew my week was going to be busy ,I was prepared to enjoy myself and value the laughter and smiles I would have with my family starting on April 15th! Lets just say Spring Break is my favorite time of the year!

Before my busy Spring Break even started I had an amazing weekend! I had the opportunity to compete at NC State University in Raleigh. My Saturday consist of doing test and touring the college but I really enjoyed it because I was thinking of all the plans I had for Spring Break. After a long day of competition, my mom and I were on our way to Wilmington. This trip was only a few hours away and I was excited to reunite with my cousins and family. When we arrived at my grandmothers house, we had a huge dinner and a lot of my family came, even some who live in Connecticut! We had a blast together and the food smelled delicious and it tasted even better.On Sunday, it was my Aunt Ruby’s birthday so that morning we went to church and after that we ate at Hardy’s. Hardy’s isn’t my favorite fast food restaurant but I loved celebrating my Aunts birthday. When we had time, my mom,my cousins and I decided to go to Wrightsville Beach. This was my favorite part of the weekend because my cousin and I are like best friends and we took a lot of pictures,after all pictures make memories last longer. Going to the beach was fun but I wish we could have stayed longer than 40 minutes but as soon as we arrived to my Aunt Till’s house,there was a feast prepared. Considering it was my  Aunt Ruby’s birthday, we celebrated in the best way we knew how, by bringing laughter and joy in everything we do.

My spring break is finally starting and on Monday it was time for me to go to Greensboro. This was so exciting but at the same time I wish my cousins would have went with me. The drive went by very quickly in 2 hours and my mom and I arrived at my sisters apartment complex at 11 in the morning. That was very early for me but I was ready for the college journey I would experience with my sister. After unpacking the car and getting settled in her apartment, I went to my sisters classes. Surprisingly, going to her classes were fun and interesting. Later that day, we went to the park and her job. While my sister worked, I mostly ate snacks and did my Spanish homework on the computer but I also met her coworkers and her manager.

Volunteering at a middle school with my sisters drama class on Tuesday was one of the best moments in the entire week. The students were in 7th grade and the theme was perseverance and I enjoyed the atmosphere and I learned many things about them. After volunteering, we went to my sisters “Marriage & Family” class. A speaker came in to speak about single parented homes & blended families and what department she does in social work. I enjoyed her speech and after that we rode the A&T bus home and watched TV.

Wednesday was a relaxing day and my sister and I went to the grocery store. We bought red velvet cake mix to make red velvet cupcakes and we bough taco ingredients and my sister bought my favorite pineapple soda. When we went back home, I watched TV as my sister made the flavorful tacos. The tacos were wonderful and I couldn’t wait to try the red velvet cupcakes. A few hours after eating dinner and desert we watched the movie “Frozen” and it was fascinating.

Even though my sister didn’t go to any of her morning classes,we woke up early on Thursday. In her “Marriage & Family” class her group had a presentation.After her presentation, the class dismissed early and she was didn’t have work so we mostly watched TV that day. Later that night, my sisters roommate watched “Frozen” with us again. The movie was even better the second time and I even sang some of the songs. Thursday night was fun, hanging out with my sisters roommate and laughing. As usual I fell asleep after the movie and I couldn’t wait for Friday because my other sister is coming to town!

On Friday, we went shopping  because on Saturday we were invited to a Sweet 16th Birthday Party and I needed shoes for the party.Looking for shoes all day wasn’t my cup of tea but I was happy to be with both of my sisters. We went to Marshall’s,  Kohl’s,Shoe Carnival,Ross,Target and Macy’s. Our last shop was Payless and we finally found the perfect shoes, at the same time we were looking for a birthday gift. Although it was a tiring day of shopping, we still managed to eat at Chickfila and get frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog. Sweet Frog is the best and it was the “icing on the cake” and I got my favorite flavors and toppings. As soon as we got home, we immediately had to go to bed because we had a early morning on Saturday of traveling to Raleigh and going to the outlet mall.

Saturday was the day of the party and of course we woke up late and left Greensboro at 2 in the afternoon! We stopped by the outlet mall and then we stopped by my sisters friend house to change into our party clothes. After 2 hours, we were ready and we arrived at the hotel at 6 although the party started at 5. The party was fun and the music was fantastic, I was on the dance floor when the cupid shuffle and the wobble came on. We took pictures, danced, ate some tasty cake and laughed all night. I wouldn’t have missed my god sisters 16th birthday party for the world and I’m glad that I went. The party ended at 10 at night and we stayed until “Happy” came on but unfortunately we had to leave the night and go back to Greensboro.

This Sunday was Easter and it was a crazy trip to get to Charlotte. My alarm wasn’t set that morning but my sister set her alarm to 8:00. I was the first to wake up and we had to be in Charlotte by 11 for church and my mom had my church outfit. Unfortunately as soon as we were ready to go, my sisters car wouldn’t start and we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us. My sister and I tried looking for someone to help us but most people were enjoying their Easter with their families. Amazingly, we found a person to give us a jump on the car and he gave  the jumper cables to us. Finally, we left Greensboro and we arrived at church at 11:20, the service was nice and I was elated to see my mom after a busy week.  Before dinner, I helped my sister with her invitations for her graduation from college in May and I did some last minute homework. The Easter dinner was a great way to bring the family together and we had every type of food that you can imagine. We had everything from mash potatoes, rice and beans and collards, all the way to curry chicken. Although we didn’t take any pictures or did an Easter egg hunt this year, my Easter was still a great way to end the Spring Break of 2014!

Going back to school, the day after spring break, wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be but of course I wanted 2 days extra of break. In a way, I missed my friends and I spent the day telling my friends about my spring break. I enjoyed hearing about their spring breaks as well and I was so glad to see them. Although I miss my sisters dearly,I know I will see them soon because my family always stays close together. My spring break has been the best and I literally have enjoyed every minute of it. Traveling to 3 places in a week was very busy but I got to visit and spend time with family along the way. This week was a college experience of a lifetime and the bond I have with my sisters is irreplaceable and I’ll never forget this week I had with them. I cant wait until my spring break next year!

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Flowers for Algernon: A letter to Dr.Strauss & Dr.Nemur as Mrs.Kinnian


Dear Doctor Strauss & Dr.Nemur,

I want to let you know about universal themes that are represented in Charlies life. Universal themes are  the underlying meaning of a story that is true across cultures and for humanity. Before Charlies operation or “operashun” as he spelled it, he wasn’t aware of what changes the operation would make in his life. A subject shown by this can be adolescence and the theme is “being an adolescent leads to manipulation”. I think that you both manipulated Charlie while he lacked of intelligence for the fame and fortune you would gain if the operation was successful. As Charlies teacher, I feel horrible for him because he didn’t realize that he was manipulated due to his adolescence. It is important that we tell the truth to everyone and respect them as human beings, not take advantage of their naiveness or mental incapabilities. Honestly, I have had suspicions about Charlie wanting to be smart and get the operation but I also wanted to support him.  

Another theme in the story is the tension of intellect and emotion. Before the operation the doctors performed Charlie was trusting and caring but after his intelligence increased he became arrogant and angry. You both are responsible for the actions that occurred with Charlie but at the same time I appreciate that because Charlie realized that Frank and Joe weren’t his true friends. He also realized that people laugh at people who are mentally retarded. He experienced a reflection of himself  after seeing a mentally retarded kid working and being pushed around. I feared this day would happen and I knew it would be hard for him to handle so I wanted him to isolate from negativity. We are here on this earth to inspire others and support each other and I wish I could have supported Charlie more.

I hope this letter increased your understanding on universal themes.

Sincerely, Mrs.Kinnian

Thank you to Shanice for proofing this.

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My opinions on the disappearance of Flight 370


After reading the article, I feel that losing a plane escalates many questions in my mind such as: shouldn’t the pilot be responsible for the lost of the plane and why isn’t the government getting involved with it and tracking this plane down. Honestly, I think this tragic disappearance is just as critical as a crime investigation and it should have been investigated and tracked down and located immediately. Although it takes time to solve situations like this, their really isn’t time to waste especially with peoples lives being in danger. I am surprised that an airplane that has a lot of tracking devices in it could get lost so carelessly. Its unfortunate that many lives were affected and changed due to this accident and I am hoping the plane will be found soon.

The pilot of this flight was Capt.Shah and he seemed to have experience with controlling an airplane that’s why it surprises me that someone who has worked many hours of flight would do such a irresponsible act as this. Although, their isn’t really anyone to blame for the lost of it yet I think the controllers of the airplanes contributed to the hidden flight information and the loss of the vehicle itself. In Captain Shahs home he “built a flight simulator” (CNN). If i were trying to find the location of flight 377 i would find that simulator in his house to see if their are possible clues to where this plane could be. This proves that something suspicious happened and it needs to be viewed but no one wants to “replicate various situations”(CNN) that happened during this time.

Possible suspects for this unfortunate situation are hijackers or terrorist groups. In the past such as 9-11 terrorist hijacked a plane and caused the plane to crash into the the twin towers. The hijackers could have “wanted to hide the plane before changing  course” and they could have turned off the transponder so they wouldn’t be found after landing(CNN).  The plane could possibly be in a terrorist country and their would be no way of tracking it without full commitment to cracking the case. Luckily, their are little pieces of information we do know such as the voice  communication radio and the last words on the radio was:”All right,good night” which seems pretty normal phrase to say as a flight attendant.

In my opinion this has been our biggest issue in 2014 and with the technology and tracking device we have now im surprised that some people still  dont know where their families are that took that flight. I think this incident is delayed because their isnt much evidence but I feel sympathy for all of the injured and for all the people who lost their lives. Honestly,this is completely unbelievable! Overall I think the pilots take full responsibility of this act and its unfortunate that the plane hasnt been found yet.


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F451: Letter to Mildred



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AOW- 3/6/14


After reading this article, I start to imagine the world without poverty or health issues. I think the United States and abroad would become “better” countries if we all start providing aid for impoverished families and decreasing health care cost for the elderly and poor Americans. Basically, I agree with Bill Gates because he feels that foreign aid is acceptable and it can be a solution for poverty in the United States. Foreign aid may not solve every problem in the U.S  but this type of aid and support is still important for changing the social economic status of most Americans. I will reflect why I agree with Gates about using  foreign aid and discuss how it will be effective towards impoverished citizens.

The world changes every year,so it’s hard to expect the social, political or economical problems we may have as a nation. That is why I disagree with what Gates predicts:”By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.” I am wondering how he can say that if we haven’t even experienced 2035 or done any effort towards making  this happen. I think that is a hard task to complete in 21 years especially when we haven’t started planning any foreign aid programs. According to Bill Gates, “people are living longer” with the help of aid programs. I think that foreign aid will lead to satisfied Americans and lower poverty rates.

As America progresses,our problems get solved and I know that if we make effort and commitment in providing aid or accepting foreign aid,our country will become “better”. I disagree that the number of children alive in the world today “is probably the most there will ever be.” As I have mentioned before its hard to expect the future problems or situations without experience. How would we live our lives if we knew what to expect everyday? I do agree with Gates that “with the right investments and changes in policies” we can solve common problems in our country. Foreign aid is great because the U.S may not afford programs that assist less fortunate families so maybe foreign countries can provide those programs. Also aid has decreased the number of deaths from sicknesses. Without aid and support, our population would be decreasing and more people would have illnesses.

In the second article “The Worlds Biggest Problems”, one thing I pointed out is that the worlds biggest problems “must be global in scope and have the potential to rapidly escalate into severe crises”. That was important to me because foreign aid is usually a globally spread program. Some of the biggest problems include: Economic collapse, Species extinction and Peak oil. I think that foreign aid would assist in fixing these worldwide problems. Overall, I think foreign aid is the solution to every countries problems whether its social, political or economic problems.

Gallagher, Kelly. “Kelly Gallagher – Resources.” Kelly Gallagher – Resources. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014.

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Approach Paper


Resources for Approach Paper

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